Bancc Strategy

To address the challenges mentioned above, we will be offering solutions & products of these seven different sectors:

  1. 1.
    Payment solutions
  2. 2.
    Payment network
  3. 3.
    Trading services
  4. 4.
    Financial services
  5. 5.
    Digital ownership of virtual and physical assets
  6. 6.
    Sale services of virtual and physical products
  7. 7.
    Onboarding of enterprises & businesses
    1. 1.
      Financial services
    2. 2.
      Traditional businesses
Bancc’s strategy to address these challenges is to offer a portfolio of different products and services that benefit the users, through offering payment solutions, networks, trading and financial services for building internal and external customer relationships for providing adoption and real-world usability to blockchain technologies and crypto currencies.
Services that actually benefit the people in real world situations where you can provide a digital ownership of said item and sell it online or offline and receive payment through a decentralised payment network.
This seven-sector strategy creates and develops an important factor of the success of Bancc’s blockchain, a full virtuous cycle economics system that provides solutions for people and businesses to offer better solutions both internally and externally to people all over the world.