Executive Summary

Bancc’s vision is to change the way we interact and transfer money with each other on a daily basis. The industry is currently in the process of a big paradigm shift and there is always new competition in the traditional market and cryptocurrency market, whose ideas are currently demanding better, faster and more secure solutions/services than ever before.
Bancc’s vision is to provide and establish connections between people, merchants and companies that want to provide a faster, securer and decentralized solution for payment processing for their customers, friends or loved ones. Solutions today bring a lot of attention to the fees or cost of being able to send, pay or even receive money from anyone and anywhere in the world.
These types of solutions only benefit the institutions, creator/provider of these services, payment processors with their processing fees and money transfer operators with the costs of sending and receiving money. Bancc has designed and created the BancChain which purpose is to decrease the cost of doing business with these types of providers, and even offer a solution to be able to get free transactions in the network.
Bancc has built a payment processing system built for the users. Imagine a world where you can use money as you want, how you want and whenever you want with low/free fees and instant transaction times. At the point of your fingertip, you are in charge of changing the world. Hello, Bancc. Hello, Future.
- Nils-Julius Byrkjeland, Founder & CTO of Bancc