Bancc Payment Solutions

Bancc will offer a wide range of solutions that lets the users easily pay, receive payment and transfer funds globally. Anywhere and anytime with a small fee or for free depending on the users own willingness to support the Bancc block- chain. This product is based and built upon the Bancc blockchain.
Bancc will offer a payment platform that are built upon these value propositions:
  1. 1.
    Low to zero fees - We believe that both regular people and merchants should be able to pay minimal to zero fees for settlements in crypto currencies or fiat currencies
  2. 2.
    Low volatility & risk proportioned to users own decisions - Every user should be able to acquire and use their funds however they’d like. By giving the opportunity to the users to easily choose their preferred assets to store their funds in, fiat currencies or crypto currencies should be their own choice and the risks should be allocated accordingly to that principle.
  3. 3.
    Easy onboarding and setup process - Easily and make it an uncomplicated process to get onboard onto the platform and use it within minutes.
Bancc will offer a suite of solutions for users and merchants, which are introduced in the following sections;
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    Payment solutions - Payment gateways for accepting crypto & fiat currencies. a. Payment gateways - Easily accept crypto & fiat currencies anywhere and in any preferred asset you’d like.
A. Point-of-Sale systems - Make the onboarding of merchants that sell physical goods in real world places easier.
B. Cross-border payments - Provide solutions that are not only limited to payments in crypto currencies and the Bancc ecosystem, solutions that work for people that currently are excluded in the ecosystem.
C. Cryptocurrency wallet - Provide an easy to use and fully custodial wallet for users to safely store and transfer between cryptocurrency wallets as they prefer.