Bancc Onboarding of Enterprises & Businesses

Bancc will provide businesses that are either, in the cryptocurrency industry or in any other industry with enterprise focused solutions that offers an easier, securer and cost effective way to conduct business than before, without changing their revenue model.
Bancc will offer a platform that are built upon these value propositions:
Dynamic - Instead of reinventing the wheel businesses can join the Bancc Ecosystem and easily continue their business model without any interruption, or tweak it to maximalise outreach for consumers/businesses. The choice is theirs.
Cost effective - Bringing the best service/product as possible for the consumers is the main goal of every business. Connecting businesses can make the competition harder and indulge consumers to better products/services, meanwhile maintaining the business model.
Network - Create partnerships with businesses around the world that creates possibilities for new merchants that want to join & onboard other businesses solutions that can arrange more alternatives of different products/services around the globe.
Bancc will offer Onboarding of Enterprises & Businesses solutions, which are introduced in the following sections;
Financial Services - An easy way to connect exchanges or other institutions to use the volume & support liquidity to different assets in the bancc ecosystem. Providing a more competitive advantage for different exchanges, to effectively and efficiently offer the best services/products.
Traditional Business - Use their traditional payment methods/technology with Bancc Ecosystem to almost instantaneously facilitate business transactions within or outside of the business, settlements etc.