Bancc Financial & Exchange Solutions

Bancc platform will offer a wide range of financial solutions that let the users easily get onboard onto the platform. By simplifying the startup process with automated Know-Your-Customer verification and transferring money to the newly generated bank account. The users can seamlessly start using the Bancc platform.
Bancc will offer a financial platform that are built upon these value propositions:
Simplified onboarding - We truly believe that anyone should be able to register and get verified to start using the Bancc platform without any external help.
Low start costs - We believe that in order to provide good solutions, the products and services offered should be cost effective and possibilities to make a positive impact on the users daily lives. Bancc will provide and maintain solutions that simplify banking and exchange solutions in the following sections;
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    Financial solutions
A. Bank account - Easily load your Bancc bank account with fiat money that you’d prefer and use it however you’d like. Spending it online, in physical stores, Bancc marketplace or exchanging it to another crypto currency through Bancc CEX or DEX exchanges. The choice is yours.
B. Debit cards - Order a physical or virtual card so you can easily use your assets through mastercard accepted stores.
C. Transfer - Send money to your friends, loved ones or anybody you’d like as easy as sending a text message. ​
2. Exchange solutions
A. Bancc Centralised Exchange (CEX) - Through offering a centralised solution that easily integrates with countries laws and regulations, we can offer solutions that seamlessly integrate the most common crypto & fiat currencies that makes it easy and convenient for the users to get started.
B. Bancc Decentralised Exchange (DEX) - Providing a decentralised exchange for users to easily provide liquidity and exchange cryptocurrencies between well-known and lesser known cryptocurrencies.