PureFi - PureFi is the only DeFi compliance protocol for mitigating risks of interacting with high-risk illicit assets and onboarding institutional investors into DeFi. Developed by AMLBot in partnership with Hacken Foundation, it aims to provide a full-cycle solution for crypto asset analytics and AML/KYC procedures on the DeFi market.
Onramper - Onramper’s solution ensures that practically any Bancc™️ holder with a Visa or Mastercard in more than 180 countries will purchase cryptocurrency in a protected manner in minutes. With more than 150 cryptocurrencies available on Onramper, users will have an option to choose from more than 50 fiat currencies and 16 different payment methods to purchase their tokens.
Meter - Meter is a high performance blockchain infrastructure where Meter is a dual token economy — a PoS governance token MTRG securing the ledger and a PoW based metastable gas currency MTR that aims to complete Satoshi’s original vision to create a sound money independent of fiat currencies.
Onino - ONINO is building the base technology to enable next level utility for blockchain ecosystems. Our layer 1 blockchain will enable secure storage of information and digital identities. We make it possible to map existing business cases onto the blockchain and pave the way for blockchain adoption.