SWAP Platform

This SWAP is for project owners or people that want to start their own cryptocurrency project and need help with WEB3 development of their project.
Bancc Solutions assists and supports the whole way from first interaction to a time long after the business have been concluded. We offer a wide range of products for a sustainable, efficient and time reducing cost. Don’t spend time developing or managing products that has a great impact on your time and stress, let us do the hard work for you!


What is SWAP?

SWAP is a decentralised automated market maker (AMM) in the DEFI sector in cryptocurrency. You can easily setup pairs of different tokens on blockchains to let your users easily trade between crypto tokens.

How Does it work?

SWAP has a simple UI that easily assists on making comfortable trades between crypto tokens supporting up to 13 different chains you can always feel safe that your users always have something to trade.


💡 Customisations

  • Links in Menu
  • Colors
  • Change IPFS (Predefined list of your specific tokens)
  • Make own list of tokens - 10 tokens is included
  • Connect easily to Yield Farm Product </aside>
💡 Integrations
  • Metamask
  • Walletconnect
  • Coinbase Wallet </aside>

Chains (1 Is Included)

  • Available on
    • Ethereum
    • Ethereum Rinkeby (Testnet)
    • Binance Smart Chain
    • Polygon
    • Avalanche
    • Fantom
    • Cronos
    • Fuse
    • AME Chain
    • Candle
    • BTCIX
    • Aurora
    • Harmony

For Project Owners

Acquire Income

  1. 1.
    How much you %(1) take from every trade over the platform
  2. 2.
    How much you % take from that %(1) as admin and LP provider and Bancc takes a 10% cut.
  • Set your own % of fees for the swap (0.3% on every trade i.e)
  • Example (%)
    • Admin Fee - 20%
    • LP Providers - 70%
    • Bancc - 10%
  • Example ($) User trades 100$
    • Admin sets fee to 0.3% on every trade (=) 100*0.003 = 0.3$
    • 20% of that goes to Admin = 0.06$
    • 70% to LP = 0,21$/every LP provider
    • 10% of that goes to Bancc = 0.03$


Demo Swap
We have a demo that uses the mainnet tokens JELLY on Binance Smart Chain. You can use and test the swap with these two JELLY/BNB and try add Liquidity.
Contact any of these persons below and we will be able to send out test tokens for you to try.


Benjamin Byrkjeland, Co-CEO / Co-Founder


If you are interested in Purchasing this software please reach-out to one of the contacts above or fill in the google form below


What can I change with the Design?

In order for us to provide a stable, sufficient and secure solution we currently have a few design options that can be changed;
  • Background image
  • Logo
  • Links In Menu
  • Links In top Right Menu
  • Colors in UI
  • Social Media Links
Our Google form shows a detailed description of what we need from you in order to process the work.

Why Is only one chain included?

  1. 1.
    The gas fees for the cost of publishing the contracts on each chain is expensive
  2. 2.
    The amount of work in order to create token lists that is pleasing for you as a customer.

Can the users Swap between different chains?

No they cannot. If you want to utilise a crosschainswap for your project, check the CrosschainSwap product.

How many swaps are included?

There is only 1 chain included in this product, if you want to start several swaps on i.e BSC, ETH and Polygon. We can do so for an additional fee and gas fee costs.