Everything you need to know about the BanccStaking™️ dAPP
BanccStaking™ is a staking platform with up to 500% APY. You can access the platform by going to the website below ⬇️
Choose your staking vault and choose the amount of tokens that you want to stake. The longer the time the more rewards per year.
Here’s a quick example -
Olaf has 1000 sBanc and wants to use the Alpha Vault. If Olaf did this by the whole year he would have 1000 x 1.8 = 1800. Total gain = 800 sBanc
Hence Olaf will only go through with this for 3 months and our staking platform doesn’t compound daily/weekly etc. Therefore the total gain is 200 sBanc in this 4 “periods” of time. (Year = 12 Months) - 12/4 = 3( every quarter). This is not financial advice as always but just an easy way of telling for expectations how it works. In short the staking platform compound per each time period that is set.
For the very simple measurements use this calculator and see each initial value as a token and the increase as an addition to understand that you will get XYZ depending on chosen vault.
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