Voting Platform
BanccDAO™️ is a Decentralised Governance Voting Application for the Bancc™️ community to supply proposals and get a measurement on how much said proposal is wanted. We encourage anyone to submit a proposal with so much information as possible.
DAO is a voting governance protocol for everyone in the community to submit and apply pressure towards the developers on things that they might want to see in the Bancc™️ project.
How does it work?
A DAO is for the community members and hence one must have tokens to be able to vote. The more tokens you have the more votes you can cast. Voting is free of charge and submitting/voting doesn’t burn tokens.
You can set a timer of the vote and the submitter can at anytime delete the vote.
  • MetaMask + WalletConnect integration
  • Works with any EVM Compatible blockchain.
  • Incentivise the community to take part in the project by proposals
  • Requires that the user has the token contract in their wallet and a minimum amount of tokens (1 decimal of the contract decimals is minimum)
  • People can vote;
    • For - Agree with the proposal
    • Against - Does not agree with the proposal
  • Set duration of the voting period;
    • 1,3 5 Days
    • 1, 2 Weeks
    • 1 Month
Working Product

Price - 5000 USD


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Price - 5000 USD
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