NFT - Marketplace
Do you have an amazing NFT Project and want to create your own collection with your community? Offer amazing features for making it easy to mint with your debit card? Then you've come the right place.
The NFT Marketplace is a an intuitive way to easily showcase your NFTs towards your community and project. We know the struggles with maintaining, setting up and selling your NFTs through Opensea.
As a project owner, we know that fulfilling the community needs is a struggle and by offering simple, intuitive and impressing products you can easily make a positive impact on the community to support the project even further by using dApps that are beneficial for them.
Features for Project owner
Mint with Debit Card
  • ERC-721 & ERC-1155 Standards
  • MetaMask + WalletConnect integration
    • Works only on ETHEREUM & POLYGON
  • NFTs get's listed on Opensea as an extra.
  • Features
    • Ownership Features
    • Transfer Features
    • Approval Features
    • Mint Features
      • Buy with Debit Card -> Read "Debit Card" Tab!
    • Sell & Buy Features
    • Royalties support Features
    • Token payments support
      • Accept your favorite token or your own token as payment.
    • Batch minting Features
    • Lazy minting Features
The features for the project owner on how to monetise on this product.
  • Depending on smart contract standard you can set royalties that can be assigned to your treasury, burns etc.
  • You earn exposure and can easily collab with NFT Artists to grow your community.
  • You supply us with a dedicated VPS minimum requirements
    • 5GB Ram
    • 4c CPU
    • 40gb ssd
  • We can offer managed hosting for 100$ per month.
We are perhaps the first in the world to offer a mint of NFTs with debit cards, this is how the two alternatives work -
Alternative 1:
1. You can offer the function that people buy ETH and get it into their metamask account.
The Process would look like this
  • User presses button to purchase Ethereum
  • Fills out all the details (card info etc)
  • Receives the funds within 10-20 minutes
  • Presses the button for mint.
  • Voilá
Alternative 2:
You offer a mint button that makes them buy your own NFT from the backend!
The process would look like
  • User presses mint, fills in card details & address for NFT receive and purchases it.
  • Receives NFT when the mint is done
  • Voilá

Price - 5000 USD


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Price - 5000 USD
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